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This is an RFP that I and three other teammates presented in our Strategic Planning class in the fall semester of 2018. I was responsible for the SWOT analysis, current attitudes and opinions, the budget and assisted with overall proposals for the client. To view the full RFP, click here.

This is an RPF that myself and four other teammates presented to our client for our 2019 fall semester senior capstone class, Strategic Campaigns. I was responsible for the situational analysis and demographics. I also helped contribute to the main ideas and production of the book. To view the full document, click here.

Marketing Plan for Gap Inc_

This is a marketing plan that I and three other group members created for Gap in our Principles of Marketing class in the spring semester of 2018. I was responsible for the industry summary, situational analysis, and the internal and external factors. I also contributed to the main production of the plan. To view the document in full, please click here.

This the Colonnade's Fall of 2019 Ad Sales Brochure that I created in InDesign when I was the manager of Ad Sales. To see the full brochure, click here.

Fall 2019 Ad Sales Brochure - The Colonn
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